The Microsoft Edge 91 Woes Keep Piling Up

Over the past few months, Microsoft has made great strides with its Chromium-based browser, Edge. However, the tech giant may have gotten a little ahead of itself as the latest update, 91, is causing many headaches for users.

Windows Edge 91 and Its Annoying Issues

Bleeping Computer curated all of the current issues with Microsoft Edge 91 and tested each one to ensure they’re legitimate complaints and not just hot air.

First up on the chopping block is the constant requests to change your default browser search engine to Bing. We reported on this problem recently, and it was the first sign that perhaps Edge 91 wasn’t the most stable of updates.

Fortunately, while this bug can get extremely annoying, there is an easy way to fix it. As we reported before, you can now disable Edge’s recommendation prompt and get back to using the browser without its consistent nagging.

However, a new bug has reared its ugly head. Users have discovered that Edge no longer cares about what you tell it to show when you open a new tab. Now, no matter what you pick, you get sent to Bing every time you open a new tab.

Then there are the plain frustrating bugs. Some people report that the plus icon to open a new tab vanishes into nothing. Others claim that they can’t use the middle mouse button to open a Favorite in a new tab.

It’s a shame because the Microsoft Edge 91 update was meant to be a massive boost for the browser. The update brings in customizable news, a Kids Mode, and a way to track the prices of online products, to name but a few.

However, as helpful as these features are, nobody wants to stick with a browser that pesters them with popups, ignores their commands, and removes navigation shortcuts on a whim. As such, if Microsoft wants to encourage people to use Edge, it needs to fix these issues as soon as possible before they leave a lasting distaste in people’s mouths.

Microsoft Edge 91: Plenty of New Features and a Ton of New Bugs

Microsoft Edge 91, on paper, looks like an absolute blockbuster of an update. However, the slew of bugs it introduced makes performing basic tasks highly stressful, dampening the new features’ impact.

These bugs are a huge problem for Microsoft, as they recently declared that Microsoft Edge 91 was “the best performing browser on Windows 10.” However, with these bugs tarnishing the user experience, perhaps that’s not entirely true yet.

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