The New Windows 10 Preview Build Comes Without Internet Explorer

Microsoft has only just declared that it’s ending support for Internet Explorer 11 in 2022, but it seems it’s already keen to ditch it and move on. The latest update to Windows 10 Insider builds comes without any Internet Explorer whatsoever, showing that Microsoft wants to make the jump to its Edge browser sooner rather than later.

Microsoft’s Early End for Internet Explorer

Very recently, Microsoft finally made a move on its old browser and declared 2022 as the end of Internet Explorer’s support.

It was an understandable move, given how good the new Microsoft Edge is. However, despite the tech giant giving everyone a year to ween off Internet Explorer, it seems to be speeding things up by removing it from Windows in a new update.

If you take a peek over on Windows Blogs, you can see Microsoft’s reasoning for removing Internet Explorer from Preview Build 21387:

The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application is now retired as of this Insider Preview build.

Of course, this update isn’t just about taking down Internet Explorer. It also squashed some nasty bugs, such as the process of changing your PIN sometimes failing, the explorer process crashing when you use touchpad gestures, and Times New Roman deciding to show up when it’s not needed.

A Hasty Exit for Internet Explorer

While Internet Explorer 11 is scheduled to lose support in mid-2022, it seems Microsoft isn’t keen on having it hang around any longer. The old browser has been torn out of the new Preview Build, and it’s not long until it arrives on the main Windows 10 branch.

As Microsoft sunsets Internet Explorer for good, it’s also preparing to make Microsoft Edge a major competitor in the browser market. Recently, the Redmond tech company announced it is adding some handy security tools to the browser, such as HTTPS for all websites.

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