12 times the response on Facebook was so much better than the original post

Sometimes Facebook responses are literally better than the post.

We all turn to Facebook for updates on friends and family and more importantly because it provides us with a mental vacation from daily stresses. But let’s face it…the comments alone are reason enough to log on. Although it’s nice to read about Bill’s eye ailments or Judy’s heartfelt post about her cat Dusty, the perfect comeback just makes everything better.

We salute the quick-witted Facebook friends out there who see an opening and don’t hesitate to jump right in.

Here are 12 Facebook comebacks that win gold.

1. You have to love the sarcastic friend

This is a comeback we can all get behind. There are many status updates on Facebook but Jessica’s friend Caitlin takes her response to another level of hilarity. Thank you Caitlin. : )

2. A post about…nothing

Before you post, think about what it is you need to convey. If nothing comes to mind…maybe just wait a couple of days till that spark of genius happens.

3. Words of wisdom….or not

When you feel like getting preachy make sure to get it right. This hilarious response is what we are all wondering.

This comeback is funny AND educational! Avoid hilarious responses like this by dusting off that old map.

5. Hello…Captain Obvious

This response is just perfectly simple and beyond funny. Yep…it definitely belongs to Molly. This is just one example of why we love Facebook so much.

6. Meme posts

Memes are so fun to post, however, they can take on a life of their own. This hilarious response to a very ‘serious’ meme is proof of that.

7. Remember who actually follows you on Facebook

Sometimes we forget who our ‘friends’ are. For this teen, she got a reminder when her dad replied to her post. It may have embarrassed her but we can’t help but cheer for dad.

8. The sensitive post that will make you cry…from laughing

A lot of us are guilty of posting poignant words of wisdom. However, when someone comes up with a clever and very literal response, it needs to be shared.

9. Some comebacks deserve their own comeback

Jake clearly thought he had this one. However, Lexi comes in from behind and crosses the finish line first. Smart girl.

10. Mrs. Johanson drops the mic

Oops! I don’t think Larry thought this one through. He probably didn’t know what hit him after reading Mrs. Johanson’s responses. Her clever, calm comebacks are just perfection.

11. Be careful not to burn yourself…

Before you open yourself up to the scrutiny of friends and family…be wary of what you post. Is there a better comment than this?! We think not.

12. Asking for help on Facebook may lead to more pain and embarrassment

Friends. They’re always there for you when you need them…pointing out your flaws and mistakes and publicly humiliating you on Facebook. Three cheers for friendship! Somehow we feel that David’s friends actually love him a lot. Making someone laugh is the best part of friendship right?

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Rebecca Reid is a contributor at Shareably.

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