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Part of the government’s job is to create and enforce regulations. But it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. In order to ensure these policies are fair and just, the government needs the help of experts in the business of technology. This input from the people can come in a variety of ways. From formal public-private partnerships to multi-country roundtables and state and local government organizations to membership in your industry association—there’s no shortage of ways to make your voice heard.

Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships

One of the ways technology companies of all sizes can make their mark on the industry is by participating in public-private partnerships. Public-private partnerships bring together technology companies and important government agencies to collaborate and solve some of the most crucial issues facing both the public and private sector.

One of the most critical issues is, of course, cybersecurity. CompTIA’s The Business of GovTech focused on this issue during a discussion with Jamie Brown, senior director of global government affairs at Tenable, a leading provider of vulnerability management cybersecurity solutions. Brown speaks to how both the government and the private sector benefit from working with each other.

“Leveraging public-private partnerships is all about engaging stakeholders,” Brown said. “It’s feeding best practices and effective guidance. It’s important for cybersecurity where technology and risks change so rapidly.”

Members of CompTIA’s Public Sector Councils are in prime positions to contribute as the government seeks input on key vulnerabilities and current attacks in order do everything from protecting the nation’s electric grid to keeping emails safe from hackers.

Brown says the benefit of these partnerships to the government is access to the most innovative experience and expertise the industry offers, while the benefit to the private sector is a partnership with a convening authority.

“The technology expertise and experience combined with the authority of the government equals effective technology policies,” Brown said.

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