SunLive – BOP Rugby offering high-tech gadget – The Bay’s News First

SunLive – BOP Rugby offering high-tech gadget – The Bay’s News First

Bay of Plenty Rugby is offering clubs and schools an easy to use video camera to capture footage of their local rugby games.

The scheme is in partnership with Danish company Veo and will offer clubs a chance to analyse players and match official’s performance.

Veo’s hardware and software is revolutionary as it does not require a camera operator, unlike high performance sporting programmes, which use multiple cameras and drones to capture footage for players and coaches to use.

The camera gets set up on the half way line on a provided three metre high tripod. The operator simply starts the record button using an app just before kickoff and the camera records in a 180 degree field of view. The operator can just leave the camera to do its thing.

At the conclusion of the match, the operator ends the recording, takes down the equipment and heads home or back to the club.

The camera is then connected to the internet and the footage gets uploaded to the club or school’s Veo account and this is where the magic happens.

“We’re very excited about this new partnership,” says Mike Rogers, Bay of Plenty Rugby CEO. “We’ve been lucky enough to secure two of Veo’s cameras and tripods, one for us to use and the other to lend to our clubs and schools to trial.

“If a club or a school wishes to make inquiries with Veo or purchase a camera themselves, they do so through our ambassador programme with Veo.

“If a club or school makes a purchase, they receive a discount on the purchase price and the Bay of Plenty Rugby receives a small commission from Veo, a win-win for both organisations.”

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