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Smart Technology | CPA Review Case Studies | UWorld Roger CPA Review

How Ally Found Success with UWorld Roger CPA Review

After seeing a UWorld Roger CPA Review representative do a presentation about the CPA Exam on her college campus, Ally was immediately drawn to the program. “He stated the case that UWorld took a different approach from the other competitors. So I took his word for it because I thought he was also very engaging. I associated him with the program in general.” The stars aligned when Ally found out that her firm also offered UWorld as an option, which she gladly chose. It gives you different options of how to learn.”

Ally began studying for the CPA Exam in January 2020 and passed all 4 sections on her first try by November 2020 — around the same time she graduated with her Master’s of Business Administration in Accounting. Ally attributes her success of passing the CPA Exam while simultaneously being in school to the program’s interface and content.

Quality of Questions

Ally used SmartPath to gauge her readiness for exam day, focusing on Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) until she met all the recommended targets for every section.

“And that kind of helped my confidence going into the next ones; that the questions were going to be pretty much the exact same as the practice; that the quality you’re getting is going to correlate to the actual exam. I knew what to expect from start to finish.”

Because Ally’s main form of comprehension and review stemmed from practicing on MCQs, she believes that the quantity and quality of questions played a significant role in her success, and commends UWorld for having both.

“Quantity is important. It’s helpful if you get one question wrong that you have a new question on that same concept to try again. The amount that UWorld has is plenty. I wasn’t running out of questions by any means.” On the other hand, Ally points out that the question also has to be cohesive in content and structure. “If there’s quality there in the question, you will be able to understand it the first time, without having to do five more on the same topic. That’s what makes studying more efficient.”

Quality of Answer Explanations

Another confidence builder for Ally was the structure and content of the program’s answer explanations, which is formatted so that students can engage in a way that meets their learning needs with illustrations, bolding, and key takeaways. “First of all, I like how it gives you the answer immediately after each question. You don’t have to wait until the end of the practice test to get the answer one by one.”

Ally also appreciated the different formats the explanations came in, which empowered her to choose the best way to learn and retain information. “I’m not much of a full reader; I’m more of a scanner in general. If it was something that’s based more on memorization, I would probably just scan the bold words for a quick answer. But if it was something more complicated, I would go to the different answer choices because I would want to know why my selected answer choice wasn’t right.”

Program Structure & Interface

Lastly, another area that Ally found helpful during her studies was the program’s overall organization and ease of use.

“It’s very organized and easy to follow. I think most accountants who are going the CPA route are usually organized and methodical. So I think this is very well-suited to show that these are the chapters; these are the modules in the chapters; these are the questions that go with them. It takes the work out of it, essentially. I felt very confident that if I went through the modules one by one and completed it, that I was going to be able to succeed on the exam.” Which she did!

Ally also appreciated how the program’s interface mimicked the actual exam. “It takes away the unknown element. It looks exactly the same. That’s one thing I always noticed — was how similar it looked and felt to the real thing. Which made a difference for me.”

Active Learning

As a result of SmartPath and the program’s overall structure and quality content, Ally was able to pass all 4 sections on her first try.

Ally comments that another important element that aided in comprehension was the lectures. “The instructor is very engaging; not super dry like I’ve heard others can be. So I think that was a big factor because obviously you’re spending a lot of time just listening to videos, or at least I spent a lot of time doing that. So that made a big difference for me; that I was able to pay attention to his lectures.”

Ally began studying for the CPA Exam in January 2020 and passed her last section in November 2020 — all while completing her Master’s program. Ally reassures CPA Exam candidates that passing the CPA Exam while being in school full-time is accomplishable with the right mindset and strategy.

Her top tip for candidates who are in a similar position is to take advantage of the situation. “I’m not going to say it wasn’t hard, but it’s worth it just because when you’re already in school, you’re used to studying. And you’re kind of in a rhythm. So I just added CPA Review as an extra class in my mind. I tried to match up my classes with the CPA Exam sections that I was studying.”

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