Lenovo T420s Intel Core i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz, 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business.

InterConnection warrants that the refurbished computer or other refurbished computer product you purchased from InterConnection (‘the Product’) shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase. In the event that the Product fails to conform to this warranty during the warranty period, we or our authorized agent will replace the Product. If an equivalent product is no longer available, its replacement will meet or exceed the specifications of the original and may contain new, used, reconditioned or re-manufactured parts. In the event that InterConnection replaces a defective Product under this Limited Warranty, the replacement Product is warranted through the end of the original 12 month period. This Limited Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the Product, and is not transferable.

Tested for Full Functions, R2/Ready for Reuse

Products with this label are ready to be used out of the box with minimal setup. All the functions of the computer, including sound, video, drives, memory, processor, keyboard, battery life (laptops/tablets), etc., have been tested and found working.

The product has also been evaluated for cosmetic defects to ensure that deep scratches, broken latches, missing pieces, etc. are not present.

Finally, the product has been imaged with a legally licensed operating system and updated hardware drivers.

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