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NASA’s InSight lander has detected two strong, clear quakes originating in a location of Mars called Cerberus Fossae—the same place where two strong quakes were seen earlier in the mission. The new quakes have magnitudes of 3.3 and 3.1; the previou…..»»

“SpaceX’s fourth attempt to successfully launch and land its Mars rocket prototype has once again gone up in flames,” writes smooth wombat. CNN reports: SpaceX engineer John Insprucker, who hosted a webcast of the test launch, said the rocket, known…..»»

At the start of March, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover began approaching an impressive rock formation that scientists dubbed “Mont Mercou,” a nickname taken from a mountain in France. Standing about 20 feet (6 meters) tall, the outcrop is captured in all…..»»

Are missing product keys getting you down? Finding keys for a specific piece of software can be hard. To help, here’s our list of the best product key finders……»»

Tianwen-1 is expected to attempt a difficult Martian landing in May; if it survives, expect to hear much more
NASA’s Perseverance rover made its spectacular landing on Mars in February,  but there’s another spacecraft still awaiting it…..»»

Whether you’re a first-time flyer or seasoned pilot, these six mid-tier drones are each packed with features……»»

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