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Myanmar’s military rulers have ordered internet service providers to shut down wireless broadband services until further notice, Reuters reported Thursday, citing sources. From the report: The instruction to halt wireless broadband services was relay…..»»

Fossil fuel industry gets up to $62 billion in handouts every year.

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Today, President Joe Biden will unveil a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that promises to overhaul the nation’s highways…..»»

The White House is asking Congress to dedicate spending to electric-vehicle rebates, charging ports and electric school buses. Under the proposal some $174 billion in government funding would go toward electric-vehicle initiatives…..»»

T-Mobile will shut down its TVision live-TV service and offer Google’s YouTube TV at a promotional discount, ending a three-year effort to create a disruptive alternative to cable. From a report: Customers ‘don’t want more streaming services — they…..»»

Netflix says it has a plan to hit net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2022, with a big part of the streaming giant’s efforts aimed at operating more eco-friendly film and TV productions. From a report: The “Net Zero + Nature” plan was out…..»»

Big cross-agency effort will set the stage for massive growth by 2050.

Enlarge / Sights like these may be more common in the US before long. (credit: Nathan Stirk / Getty Images)
On Monday, the Biden administration announced a major effort to…..»»

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