Curated Content Friday Tech Savvy Roundup | ANNACOLIBRI

Curated Content Friday Tech Savvy Roundup | ANNACOLIBRI

Week of October 7, 2013

Curated Content Friday Tech Savvy Roundup

As some of you know, I wrote a blog post about curated content yesterday. Because it’s still on my mind — partially because of the mind-numbing number of content curation tools — free and paid — available to bloggers and content marketers like you and me, I’m writing a little more about the topic.

In case it isn’t obvious, the Friday Tech Savvy Roundup is an example of curated content. I choose things mainly based on quality of quirkiness — and I love themes.

Have a great weekend!

Technology Answers to Questions You May Not Have Known You Had

Old timers may find the answers to these questions something of a no-brainer, but, for beginners, this post will provide some valuable answers to questions about technology. My only complaint is that some of it seems old-fashioned — especially when it comes to privacy. I don’t think there’s much hope consumers can protect themselves from marketers and hackers — so my advice is don’t do anything online you wouldn’t want a stadium full of people seeing you do.

13th Century Sundial Found In Ukraine

Check this article out for a beautiful example of (very) old school tech savvy.

I’ve heard of — and written about — the digital divide, but maybe I like this term even better. This article specifically refers to people who do not like or understand technology, but still have important roles in marketing. I would think that, today, top level marketing jobs would require a certain je ne sais tech savvy. But maybe I would be wrong. What do you think?

P.S. Very long URL, no?

App of The Week — Flipboard

Flipboard app controversy. I use Flipboard — it is a content aggregator. I’m not super impressed with it because I don’t like to fight with the design to get the information I want. I am included this here because the controversy has interesting implications for bloggers.

Okay, friends! See ya next week for another Tech Savvy Roundup!

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