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Social audio app Clubhouse has now promised a time frame of sorts for the launch of its anticipated Android version, following its recent hire of an Android software developer last month. In its weekly Townhall event on Sunday, Clubhouse co-founder P…..»»

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Do you need a good scanner app to help you digitize and organize documents? Here are our picks of the best scanner apps available right now for iOS and Android……»»

AT&T to Launch C-band 5G This Year Using Nokia

AT&T plans to have 5G service available in the C-band – at least in some areas – this year, according to a press release from Nokia today announcing Nokia’s five-year contract to build the AT&T 5G…..»»

Sony’s PS5 might have broken launch records, but its release was marred by scalpers who rapidly bought up stock to resell at inflated prices. While I was one of the lucky few who managed to buy a PS5 on launch day, I know countless friends and collea…..»»

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