Facebook removed 1.3 billion fake accounts in 3 months

Facebook removed 1.3 billion fake accounts in 3 months

Facebook has removed more than 1.3 billion fake accounts from its platform between October and December of 2020 in an effort to tackle misinformation, company’s Vice-President of Integrity Guy Rosen said in a statement on Monday.

“We take a hard line against this [fake accounts] activity and block millions of fake accounts each day, most of them at the time of creation. Between October and December of 2020, we disabled more than 1.3 billion of them,” Rosen said.

Rosen explained that Facebook has created a global network of more than 80 fact-checkers to review content in more than 60 languages who are able to mark content as false and let regular users know if a post presents misinformation. In 95 per cent of the cases, users do not click on a post if they see a warning notification.

Facebook started labeling information from trusted sources to connect people to the information the company considers as reliable, including the COVID-19 Information Center, Climate Science Information Center and US 2020 Voting Information, the statement added.

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