Enterprise Vault Migration To Microsoft 365 | Transvault

Enterprise Vault Migration To Microsoft 365 | Transvault

Transvault provides a comprehensive shortcut management service that ensures users have a seamless experience when they migrate.

When moving to Microsoft Office 365 (or Exchange), legacy EV shortcuts are replaced (rehydrated) with the original item.  You can also set policies that determine whether items are moved into Primary mailboxes or In-place Archives.  For example, you could move items older than 2 years into archives, and keep everything ‘younger’ in the Primary mailbox.

Another key feature designed to ensure a great user experience is that Transvault synchronizes with the current status of users’ shortcuts as they exist in their mailbox at the time of the migration.

For example, where users have re-foldered their shortcuts ‘post-archiving’, Transvault ensures the corresponding items end up in the right folders post-migration.

Similarly, where users have deleted their shortcuts, you can configure Transvault not to migrate the corresponding item, as this is confusing and causes concern for end users when deleted items reappear.

EV usually does a good job of synchronizing the location of shortcuts, however there are some scenarios where deletions might not be picked up by EV.   An example is where users drag their shortcuts into the Outlook deleted items folder, rather than highlighting them and using the delete option that links with EV.

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