Getting Phone Patch to work with a VoIP Phone System

We are a production audio studio and we do a lot of sessions where our clients need to listen in over the phone via Phone Patch to direct the voice over talent.
I just wanted to share what we discovered when trying to switch to a VoIP phone system instead of a regular analog phone system.

We were looking for a way to cut our cost on our phones and for us, VoIP was going to cut our bill in half. So, then the question was how to get Phone Patch to work with a VoIP system. We went with Spectrum VoIP and they have these boxes that they provide by Polycom called OBi. They are traditionally used to convert the VoIP ethernet based phone line into an analog line to send and receive faxes. However, they also work to convert the ethernet based phone line from VoIP to an analog line to be used on a Gentner box for Phone Patch. Spectrum was able to give the OBi box an extension number so when a call comes in, you just transfer the call to that extension and then you can pick it up on your Gentner box.

I have seen where you can buy the OBi boxes online incase your VoIP provider doesn’t include those boxes. However, I believe your provider would have to give the OBi box the extension number, unless you have a way to do it on your online portal.

I hope this is helpful for anyone who is trying to decide if they want to switch to VoIP and needs to make sure their Phone Patch will still work.

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