Facebook finally launches Instagram Lite

Facebook finally launches Instagram Lite

Facebook had been testing a lite version of Instagram called ‘Instagram Lite’ and now has been officially launched. This app is less data-intensive and utilizes fewer phone resources to allow users to use the service despite residing in regions having band connectivity.

The new app is just 2MB in size and where data-rich animations and other heavy features were cut off. Moreover, the app does not consist of cube transitions, AR filters which would normally consume a lot of data. Though Instagram Lite will support GIFs and stickers that can be applied to stories.

Instagram Lite also brings in a dark mode which is smartphone users’ most requested theme which gives out a dark text to a black background with grey letters. According to Facebook, people living in communal areas and close quarters will be able to browse “more privately and not bother those around them”.

The application is available on Google’s Play Store in more than 170 countries. Moreover, Facebook promised a global rollout to all countries and regions soon.

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