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Looking to find a way to have a redundant internet at home. Right now we have 1GB with Suddenlink. At times its not reliable, and will go down. I work from home right now, and need it to be reliable. I currently use EERO Pro 3 puck newest models as our router and wifi. Is there a router that can switch automatically between the primary internet to lets say a Hotspot with AT&T or similar? Also, if we switch to lets say AT&T TV from DirecTV for our TV, it will also even be more critical that our Internet is up.

Thoughts from those that have done this?

Opnsense / PFsense will do this with varying levels of success. I’m sure that DD-WRT / Open-WRT likely offer an option for it, and devices like the Unifi Edgerouter have dual WAN capabilities. The biggest issue lies into how to connect the hotspot device. If your backup connection has an ethernet port then it’s pretty straight forward with just about any device that has dual wan. If your hotspot is only wifi then you run into the problem of how to get wifi bridged back to the WAN connections. Opn / PF rely on FreeBSD underneath and have limited support for wireless adapters. Some of the other options on the list simply might not be able to use wifi at all and would require you to configure some type of bridge device to get it to ethernet.

As a side Opn / PFSense can usb tether iPhones and probably android phones as well. From what I’ve read IOS 14 broke the usb tethering and I’m not sure if the latest driver is there for it to start working again or not. Wifi tether might work if your device has a working wireless NIC in it.

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