Microsoft gives the Outlook calendar a feature-packed facelift

Microsoft gives the Outlook calendar a feature-packed facelift

Microsoft has announced new features expected for Outlook, with a new look for the existing calendar in the form of the Outlook calendar board.

This updated view provides a more user-friendly experience by removing the rigid grid view and replacing it with a more customizable experience. You can better organize your workday with to-do lists, file attachments, links, reminders and more right from the calendar board without having to use external applications.

This new free-form board allows you to set up an adaptable space to suit your personal needs. According to Microsoft, “people use an average of six tools to keep track of everything they need to do,” so this new calendar tool should better optimize the Outlook workspace to reduce the number of external programs needed for productivity.

Outlook web users can now try this for themselves – just expand your calendar and select “Board” from the drop-down list of views at the top right of your page. We don’t know when or if this will come to mobile devices or apps.

Another feature that goes to Outlook users is intelligent scheduling help. This suggests optimal timeslots for your meetings that check availability with invited meeting participants to make sure everyone is free to attend. If this is not possible, Outlook will help you move scheduling conflicts.

It hasn’t been confirmed when we’ll see this new feature live for desktop, but you can read more about it here Microsoft’s official announcement blog post. Mobile users should see the new ‘suggested times’ feature rolled out in the coming month.

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