Junior Software Engineer at Dina

We are eager for a full-time full-stack developer to join our tight-knit engineering team. Success in this role includes building, testing, deploying, and scaling our flagship web and mobile applications alongside the server applications that support them in a fast-moving startup environment

Dina is a leading Chicago-based health-tech company whose mission is to accelerate healthcare’s transition to the home by re-imagining care in a home-first model by connecting people, technology, and data. Our web and mobile applications are the industry’s first fully integrated suite for HIPAA-compliant communications including care coordination, transitions, and referrals. All of this is powered by our in-house digital assistant, whose predictive models identify patients who show a high risk for returning to the emergency department or requiring specialized support in order to optimize the health and safety of each patient’s journey.

Please note, due to the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, Dina has decided to protect our current and future employees by managing our business remotely. This includes interviewing, onboarding, and working through our roles each day. Please note that our roles will not be remote long-term, and it will eventually be mandatory that we all return to our Chicago-based office once it is safe to do so, following the guidance of the local health authorities and the CDC.

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