Celebrate the romantic sounds of bolero music with this virtual concert – Press Telegram

Celebrate the romantic sounds of bolero music with this virtual concert – Press Telegram

With passionate lyrics about love and broken hearts wrapped in slow tempo string music and rich harmonies, bolero is considered one of Latin America’s most romantic genres of music.

And this musical tradition will be celebrated Friday, March 5, with the ongoing Boleros De Noche concert series, which is keeping the romance alive online this year. The latest installment’s lineup exclusively features female performers.

“Boleros are so important, they’re part of our roots and it’s something that should never die. It’s our responsibility to keep it going and keep exposing people to it and always have it evolve as well,” said Suemy Gonzalez, violinist and vocalist of the Los Angeles-based, Latin Grammy-nominated band Ellas, formerly known as Trio Ellas.

Ellas will perform at the show along with Las Hermanas Garcia, two teenage siblings from Mexico, whose father accompanies them on guitar.

The bolero genre originated in Cuba in the 1880s but gained international fame once the music reached Mexico in the 1940s.

Boleros are typically performed by a trio playing guitars and a requinto, a small guitar typically tuned higher than a standard guitar.

“It’s a raw, naturally poetic heartfelt genre. It transcends generations and it’s a genre that’s part of our musical heritage,” said Roberto Carlos, a bolero musician.

He founded the series in 2015 to bring bolero music to a multigenerational audience.

Since its inception, Boleros De Noche has been held at several venues throughout greater Los Angeles, including the Downey Theatre, La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in downtown and at The Ford in 2019, where more than 1,000 people attended the event.

During the March 5 virtual event, viewers will hear Las Hermanas Garcia, who are from Ometepec Guerrero, Mexico, and are inspired by traditional bolero songs from their region.

However, Ellas’ performance will include their signature mix of mariachi, modern music and various versions of boleros plus songs from their new covers album “#primerafila,” which includes covers of well known songs like the ranchera tune “Tu solo tu,” as well pop songs like Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons,” all done “a la Ellas” style, Gonzalez said.

“Our show shows a little bit of both worlds. We show them the traditional bolero and then we show them what we can do with boleros also. They can see where it came from, where it had evolved to and how beautiful it can be,” she added.

How to watch:

When:  7 p.m. Friday, March 5, and streams for 48 hours throughout the weekend

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