Tech Alert: Crowdfunding, pre-orders and Rock Content go hand-in-hand – Rock Content

Tech Alert: Crowdfunding, pre-orders and Rock Content go hand-in-hand – Rock Content

We’re all well-aware of the incredible potential for crowdfunding (here in Toronto, we’re particularly aware of its power).

But beyond the potential for owners of alleged scandalous videos to get paid for said videos, documentaries are securing financing, cancer treatment bills are getting paid and innovative, new technologies are connecting with investors — all through platforms like Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. And whether you’re a not-for-profit raising money for a good cause or a corporate sponsor of a fundraiser, it’s easy to plug a widget that links to your campaign straight into your Rock Content event.

Take my student debt recovery fund below, designed as a place to vent and discuss the student debt epidemic, but also to link to a crowdfunding campaign where donors can give to struggling graduates:

After I’ve set up my campaign on the crowdfunding platform, look for a button that says “embed.” Hit that button and copy the embed code. Plug that into the Top HTML section when you’re creating your event (in the Templates step), or go back into an existing event (Setup > Templates) and hit Save.

If you’re using Indiegogo, a nice widget will appear like this:

But wait! That’s not all!

We also just got wind of Celery, a way for customers to pre-order products, which is especially useful to those who are still raising money on crowdfunding sites. Look how great it looks when I again embed Celery’s code for my fake product into the TopHTML section of the event set-up page:

You can also embed other iframes to create even more dynamic content, such as studies you’ve uploaded to Scribd or Google Maps you’ve created. Or pull in links from Facebook and Twitter to get the conversation going, while you watch your dollars roll into your crowdfunding campaign.

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