Wireless Mouse Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra-thin Design Wireless Connection For Laptop And PC Windows And Mac – Best Deal #40AA6E | Greenbagdesign

Wireless Mouse Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra-thin Design Wireless Connection For Laptop And PC Windows And Mac – Best Deal #40AA6E | Greenbagdesign

Wireless Mouse Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra-thin Design Wireless Connection For Laptop And PC Windows And Mac Description

Cheap Mice, Buy Quality Computer & Office Directly From China Suppliers:Wireless Mouse Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra Thin Design Wireless Connection For Laptop And PC Windows And Mac
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Ultra-thin BLUETOOTH 3.0 mouse for MAC and WINDOWS and aluminum mat

-Enjoy the best quality thanks to the latest novelty inMouse Bluetooth touch
3.0.An ultra-thin and elegant design mouse, with quick response, perfect for your work sessions or computer browsing.

-Bluetooth Mouse design is inspired by Apple Mouse 1 designs.Supports both IOS 13 and Mac OS, With perfect connections from the first moment and of course with Windows and Android.

-Quick and immediate response on each click and scroll. Thanks to 5.0 bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy the best driving speed.

-Another particularity is, that unlike other similar mice or low cost
In the market,This model does not need a USB receiver to work
Can thus connect to Apple Ipads(Ipad with Ipad OS 13 installed) as a
Android tablets and other bluetooth devices

-This mat, ofHighest quality aluminum, provides comfortable and fast use for all your mice. You can work or play with maximum agility while giving your desk an elegant touch. Inspired by Xiaomi’s designs, the metal-style mat is the perfect connection between style and functionality.

-Features aNon-slip rubber base, Which provides strong grip and safety during play or work. In addition, the edges are finished with a reflective structure that provides an even nicer finish.

Its size is perfect and versatile for many tasks. Its rectangular design facilitates both horizontal and vertical use, according to your workspace and needs.

Completely waterproof.Don’t be afraid if you pour liquid on her, you can clean it easily without any kind of brand left.


1. Once you ‘ve put a stack on the mouse, turn it on, to do this slide the button from the bottom side to side

2. Unplug the housing and you’ll see that next to the battery is a small button, press it until the blue mouse led is turned on. Once it’s turned on, it’s ready to sync.

3. Activate your computer’s bluetooth and connect with your mouse. Once synchronized, it will be automatically linked when the mouse and computer are on.

4. If these steps do not work you must turn off and turn on the mouse again or press the sync until the mouse is visible on your PC.

-Approximate measurements: 25x19cm

• Material: PVP
Product Color: black or white
• How it works: photoelectricity
• Connection mode: Bluetooth 3.0 without USB receiver
Number of keys: 2 touch (left button and right button)
Displacement type: sripe contact
Highest • PPP: 1600 dpi
• Power supply: 1 * AAA battery (not included)
• Ultra thin design 19mm thickness
• System compatibility: for Windows 2000, for Windows XP, for
Windows 7, for Windows Vista, for Windows 98, for Mac OS, for Ipad
OS 13, for IOS 13, for Android, for Windows ME, for Windows 8 and Windows 10

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