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Twitter has changed my life, personally and professionally, in ways I can’t even begin to explain. I also understand that Twitter isn’t like any other social network. The quirks and limitations cause many to give up and many others to not see how someone like me finds so much value on the network.

I’ve written numerous posts on the power of Twitter chats, personal branding, and influencer engagement on Twitter. Over the last couple years, Twitter has made a massive effort to add features to not only simplify the user interface but also give creators additional options for telling their stories.

Listed below are my top 6 Twitter power user features that any user, no matter the number of followers, can take advantage of to find massive value on Twitter and standout from the noise.

What is the difference between a Twitter power user and the average user? Time, strategy, and an understanding of all Twitter options.

Time, like in everything we do, is required to find value and opportunity on Twitter. I don’t have a magic trick or tweet shortcut to get more than 24 hours in your day or to pause the clock while you’re engaging in your favorite Twitter chat. Strategies for leveraging Twitter are included in my consulting offerings and will be included in my upcoming #ThinkLikeAFan workshops. There is no easy button but I will say that when you start by defining what success looks like for you and your time spent on Twitter – you’re ahead of most. Hopefully this post gives you insights into key Twitter features that you might not have known were available as well as how I use each to find incredible value on Twitter.

New Twitter Apps!

There are two new Twitter iOS apps that you might want to checkout – Dashboard and Engage. Both add to and simplify the Twitter experience by linking analytics, user view and ad spend from a mobile device that is much cleaner than the normal iOS app.

My Twitter Feature Wishlist

TalkFastTweetFasterThis wouldn’t be my post about Twitter features if I didn’t include a personal wish list for future features just in case Twitter is reading this. So here you go:

Did I miss any of your favorites?

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