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An anonymous Slashdot reader warns of a possible miscalculation: 20 years ago today, published
an article,
according to which there are 30 billion Customer Information Control System/COBOL transactions per day. This number has since b…..»»

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It’s an important collaboration considering the number of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, pedestrians and scooter riders. It’s also timely given the increased interest in bike and scooter ridership since the onset of the pandemic last spring…..»»

The investor who helped direct the world’s attention to GameStop, leading a horde of online followers in a bizarre market rally that made and lost fortunes from one day to the next, says he’s just a normal guy. From his profile by The Wall Street Jou…..»»

Chip vendors have been striving to obtain capacity support from Taiwan-based foundry houses, which nevertheless have been unable to meet all demand due to tight capacity. The foundries are prioritizing long-term clients. The foundries also have given…..»»

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