Drill Perfect Holes With The New UJK Technology Drill Guide

@Packard – the WP drill guide features Teflon bushings. Also, since you’re new to this discussion I encourage you to read back through the thread to understand the baseline beefs that folks have had with pretty much every low and modestly priced drill guide (at least until the Taiwanese version that’s being marketed with improvements by UJK/Axminster &, most recently, Rocker), the lack of precision in the interface between the guide rod and the drill bracket being perhaps the foremost. For precision work, there can’t be any slop here. But, again, before the advent of the UJK/Rocker versions, slop was all we had available to is. Now, the WP’s version appears to have taken this to an even higher level. Given the closeness in pricing between the WP and Rockler offerings, I am happy to forgoe the ability to the tilt the guide rods (for angled drilling) in exchange for a domestically produced precision tool. I figure that I’ll be able to achieve the same functionality (angled drilling) using jigs, assuming I’ll be able to countersink some holes into the base to facilitate jig making.

Speaking if which, I heard back from Woodpeckers. They’ve apparently finalized the design (I urge folks to reach out to them to lobby for changes like those I’m advocating for) so now it’s up to end users to create techniques to get the most out of this tool. For the moment, I’m on the fence (I’m waiting to learn more about the forthcoming update to the Bridge City Tool Works drilling jig) which means that I may wait until the last minute chance to order the WP tool (when they reopen the pre-order process, a welcome change to the OTT process). I can’t really justify what will no doubt be a super high price for the Bridge City offering but I’m also wary of owning the “Model A” version of anything (particularly one, as in the case of the Auto-Line guide, already suffers from some pretty obvious design oversights). So, hopefully enough folks will contact Woodpeckers to persuade them to include the features that are absent in the current finalized design.

I ordered the straightforward WP version several days ago. In the last 30 years I’ve yet to need a mobile drill stand that is adjustable from the perpendicular position. The last time I needed holes drilled at an angle I just placed the material on the drill press and angled the drill press table.

If I need that same function in the future, I’ll use the drill press or make my own fixture. I really place a premium on the accuracy that the WP item offers.

Milwaukee’s 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 corded drills have 43mm collars suitable for use in Euro, Japanese and other driiling accessories.  I keep my one drill in a Zyliss drill holder for stationary drum sanding.  I also have Makita portable drill press…this works but the amount of slop makes it less than ideal for precision work.  They also work in the Fein bench attachment for the Multi and Supercut tools.

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