Amupanda hits back at Nekongo in scathing Facebook post – The Namibian

Amupanda hits back at Nekongo in scathing Facebook post – The Namibian

THE Swapo Party Youth League yesterday refuted claims that the party instigated the weekend’s land grabbing incident at Otjomuise, and said the Affirmative Repositioning-led city council should deal with the “anarchy they gave birth to”.

This comes after about 400 people grabbed land on Sunday at Otjomuise’s Agste Laan area, with the AR claiming they were instigated to “sabotage” the Job Amupanda-led City of Windhoek council.

Amupanda hit back on social media yesterday, posting a picture of SPYL leader Ephraim Nekongo and saying: “We are already warned by economist Carlo Cipolla as follows: ‘One may hope to outmanoeuvre the stupid and, up to a point, one may actually do so. But because of the erratic behaviour of the stupid, one cannot foresee all the stupid’s actions and reactions and before long one will be pulverised by the unpredictable moves of the stupid’.”

Nekongo had earlier released a statement in which he hammered the AR.

“The AR-led council should deal with the anarchy they conceived, gave birth to, and nurtured over the years, and not try to find a political ghost to blame,” Nekongo said.

“They are the parents of lawlessness in this country; they are the guardians of anarchy in our country; they shielded those who they organised to grab land in order to set the people up against the Swapo Party,” he said.

Nekongo said the movement should explain whether they tried to undermine the then Swapo-led city council or instigated land grabs when Amupanda grabbed land at Kleine Kuppe in 2014.

“Perhaps the AR-led council should tell the nation whether someone was behind them when they carried out land-grabbing activities during the Swapo Party era at the helm of council. They must tell the nation whether there was a Swapo Party-led council sabotage,” he said.

In 2014 Amupanda, alongside other AR leaders, occupied land in Windhoek as a symbol of dissatisfaction over how the city was dealing with the land issue.

The capital’s new mayor last year also supported a land-grabbing incident at Windhoek’s Agste Laan area.

Nekongo condemned illegal land grabbing, saying Swapo is a party of law and order.

“Swapo Party is not party to childish politics, and Swapo Party is not into the narrative of promoting lawlessness. Therefore, as a responsible, progressive movement, we continue to advise against lawlessness,” he said.

AR spokesperson Simon Amunime on Sunday said they believe the land grab was orchestrated by the ruling party in an effort to sabotage the current local authority leadership.

“We are not surprised as we have always spoken about the antagonist forces that are trying to sabotage the new mayor with his team, and we are told some who are here are from South West Africa [Swapo]. They are coordinators and community leaders … It was actually instigation,” Amunime said.

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